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ST 94

ST 94 is a toughened SPRINT™ system offering a good balance of mechanical properties. It comprises of a single layer of reinforcement fabric plied against a resin filmed paper. The resin film has a medium tack that makes it ideal for vertical surface applications. Although moderately tacky, ST 94 can be repositioned once in place without disturbing the underlying single SPRINT™ layers.

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ST 95

ST 95 is a toughened SPRINT™ system that offers an extremely good balance of mechanical properties. With a minimum cure temperature of 85°C (with a suitable post-cure), it is ideal for structural components where improved performance and resistance to micro-cracking is desired. ST 95 resin matrix has good flow resistant characteristics that make it stable at room temperature (21°C). The product has a light tack on one side which aids placement in a mould tool. For details of cure schedules, please refer to data sheet.
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WT 93

WT 93 is a diuron-free SPRINT™ resin system that can be cured at temperatures as low as 85°C, but can also be used for the rapid manufacture of components through its 45-minute cure at 120°C. All of this can be achieved together with an out-life of 21 days at 21°C. WT 93 is designed for vacuum bag processing and offers excellent mechanical performance on glass and carbon fibre reinforcements.
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